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    1. Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT)
    2. TIT civil
    3. TIT-Water Environment Laboratory
    4. TOHOKU University-Water Quality Engineering Laboratory
    5. UNSW Water Research Center
    6. Japanese Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
    7. Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)


    Some Journals for Environmental Engineering, Geoscience, Microbiology, Ecology and Hydrology

    (Impact factors from 2013 Journal Citation Report, Web of Knowledge)

    1. Nature (Nature Japan) (IF=42.35)
    2. Science (IF=34.46)
    3. Nano today (IF=18.43)
    4. Trends in Ecology & Evolution (IF=15.35)
    5. Nature Climate Change (IF=15.29)
    6. Nature Geoscience (IF=11.67)
    7. Nature communication (IF=10.74)
    8. Nano Letter (IF=12.94)
    9. ACS nano (IF=12.03)
    10. Journal of the American Chemical Society (IF=11.53)
    11. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (IF=9.81)
    12. ISME Journal (IF=9.26)
    13. Global Change Biology (IF=8.22)
    14. Global Ecology and Biogeography (IF=7.24)
    15. Environmental Microbiology (IF=6.24)
    16. Global Environmetnal Change (IF=6.00)
    17. Analytical Chemistry (IF=5.82)
    18. Environment International (IF=5.66)
    19. Environmental Science & Technology (IF=5.48)
    20. Water Research (IF=5.32)
    21. Scientific reports (IF=5.07)
    22. Bioresource Technology (IF=5.04)
    23. Ecology (IF=5.00)
    24. Journal of Physical Chemistry C (IF=4.83)
    25. Journal of Biological Chemistry (IF=4.60)
    26. Global Biogeochemical cycles (IF=4.52)
    27. Analytica Chimica Acta (IF=4.52)
    28. Journal of Hazard Materials (IF=4.33)
    29. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (IF=4.25)
    30. Ecological Application (IF=4.12)
    31. Environmental Research Letters (IF=4.09)
    32. Applied and Environmental Microbiology (IF= 3.95)
    33. Frontiers in Microbiology (IF= 3.94)
    34. Biogeochemistry (IF=3.73)
    35. Water Resources Research (IF=3.71)
    36. Limnology and Oceanography(IF=3.61)
    37. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity (IF=3.57)
    38. PLoS ONE (IF=3.53)
    39. Chemosphere (IF=3.50)
    40. Journal of Physical Chemistry B (IF=3.37)
    41. Sustainable Science (IF=3.37)
    42. Marine Chemistry (IF=3.20)
    43. Science of the Total Environment (IF=3.16)
    44. Freshwater biology (IF=2.91)
    45. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (IF= 2.83)
    46. Journal of Physical Chemistry A (IF= 2.77)
    47. Biometals (IF= 2.68)
    48. Journal of Applied Microbiology (IF= 2.38)
    49. Water Science and Technology (IF= 1.21)
    50. Frontiers in Microbiological Chemistry
    51. ……

    If you are not sure to which journal your work should be submitted, following sites may be useful:

    Journal / Author Name Estimator

    Elsevier Journal Finder


    1. Science Direct
    2. ISI
    3. J-Global
    4. Scirus


    1. 日本土木学会
    2. 日本水環境学会
    3. 日本腐植物質学会
    4. 日本陸水学会
    5. American Chemical Society (ACS)
    6. American Society of Limnology and Oceanography
    7. American Society for Microbiology (ASM)
    8. American Geolophysical Union (AGU)
    9. Ecological Society of America (ESA)





    東京工業大学 環境・社会理工学院 土木・環境工学系 藤井 学 研究室 〒152-8552 東京都目黒区大岡山2-12-1-M1-22 / TEL: 03-5734-3687 / E-mail: fujii.m.ah(at)
    Manabu Fujii Lab, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2-12-1-M1-22, Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8552, Japan / TEL: +81-3-5734-3687 / E-mail: fujii.m.ah(at)